Delicate Stars

Arches National Park, Utah, USA

This star trail image of Delicate Arch was a lot of work. First I had to climb down the sandstone bowl to a point where I was happy with the composition. It was so steep I couldn't take off my backpack or it would roll, it was so steep that every five min I found myself three feet lower than I was before. Then I had to patiently sit there all alone trying not to fall asleep for fear I would wake up in the bottom of the bowl. I finally finished the long exposure and hiked out just in time for sunrise in another section of the park. When I think back on that night I remember a lot of misery, but I also remember the deep spirituality involved with clinging to the rock with nothing to do but watch stars move by.  It was easily one of the most miserable and awesome nights of my life. Photo © copyright by Grant Ordelheide.

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