About the Prints

Although images do look nice on computer monitors, there is nothing quite like seeing a large print hanging on the wall. A print really helps to bring out detail and make the viewer feel like they were there. All my images are made with the final print in mind. Getting a print made really makes the image come alive. All images are available to be made into open-edition fine art prints.

Printing Process

I take great pride in my work and each print is carefully printed to make sure that the print meets both my high standards and the clients. Each print is made with high quality, acid free ink and paper to ensure that your print keeps its vibrant colors for many years to come. For all prints 16"x24" and smaller, I offer professional prints with pigment inks on archival paper. The luster finish of these papers result in vibrant colors with minimal glare that is guaranteed to last for many years to come. For prints larger than 16"x24" I use a trusted lab to make high quality prints with a Lightjet printer that exposes the image on to traditional, highly archival photographic paper. If you would like a specific paper or printing process please contact me and I would be happy to accommodate you.

Purchasing Prints

I am happy to offer all of my images as fine art prints. If you would like to purchase a print, you can do so through the purchase prints link on the image page. If there is no link, that print is still available but please email me for print sizes. All prints are open-edition and will be hand signed.  Since I am still a full time college student, I can only offer the "print only" option for now. Feel free to contact me about other mounting options and we can talk about what would be best for your particular image. Please allow two weeks to three weeks for shipping. If you have any questions about purchasing prints feel free to email me.

Bulk Orders

I have a wide range of imagery that is perfect for corporate offices or interior decorators. If you are interested in creating a beautiful body of art in an office or home, I am able to work with you to help you find the right selection of images for your venue. I also offer a discount on orders of multiple prints, so please contact me if you would like to use my images to bring the natural world into your house or workplace.