Galleries By Location: Chile: Patagonia: Aysen

Images from the region of Aysen in Chilean Patagonia. Aysen, the northern region of Chilean Patagonia is known for its harsh weather, remote peaks and lush fjords. Unlike its southern counterpart, the Magallanes region, Aysen experiences much more rain and much less wind. I was lucky enough to spend time mountaineering and sea kayaking through these remote landscapes near the town of Coyhaique in Chile.

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cerro, Peñon, castillo, national, reserve, coyhaique, chile, climber, glacier, traversing, panorama
winter, lenga, trees, castillo, cerro, national, reserve, coyhaique, intricate, pattern, leafless
climbing, Cerro Peñon,, national, reserve, coyhaique, high, chile
sahne, nuss, range, cerro, castillo, national, reserve, coyhaique, climber, rugged, peaks
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 Peñon, glacier, remote, cerro, castillo, national, reserve, climber
isla, tangbac, sunset, chile, remote, island, puerto, cisnes, chile
cerro, castillo, Cerro Peñon, national, reserve, coyhaique, peak, lenga, trees, spring, tall
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Cerro Peñon, spires, sunset, glacier, cerro, castillo, national, reserve
cisnes, chile, puerto, sunset, rainbow, storm, channel, light
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